Fix corrupt pst file error

What is a PST File?

A PST (Personal Storage Table) file is an Outlook data file used by Microsoft Outlook to store all its mailbox data including Emails, Attachments, Contacts, Calendar items, Tasks, Notes, Drafts, Inbox, Appointments, Outbox, Journals, Sent items, Deleted items etc. By default, PST file gets stored on your computer systems hard drive.

There is another type of Outlook data file, OST (Offline Storage Table) file which stores the mailbox data of MS Outlook when it is not connected to the server or say offline mode. OST files are basically cached copies of Exchange Server. You can access them offline. The entire mailbox data of MS Outlook is also stored on Exchange Server in EDB (Exchange Database) files if you use Outlook with Microsoft Exchange Server.

Coming back to PST file, it is used to store archived email items of Outlook. PST file stores Outlook data for web based mail accounts, POP3 and IMAP. It is used by all versions of Outlook. Data storage capacity of PST file varies from version to version of Outlook. Earlier versions of Outlook had a storage capacity of 2GB for PST file. This capacity has been increased to 10GB 50GB in later versions.

Why PST file corruption happens?

Just like any other file, PST file is also vulnerable to corruption. During corruption, PST file stops working smoothly or becomes inaccessible. There can be various reasons for the PST file corruption.

During corruption, you cannot access PST files until you repair them to recover their data. If you try to open a corrupt PST file, Outlook might generate different error messages. MS Outlook too gets slow during PST corruption.

PST corruption can leave you in jittery if not resolved quickly and properly as PST files carry all your crucial Outlook mailbox data. The quickest way to fix PST corruption is using native PST repairing tool that comes with Microsoft Office suite.

How to resolve PST corruption issues?

To repair corrupt, damaged or inaccessible PST file, Microsoft offers a free Inbox Repair Tool (Scanpst.exe) which automatically gets installed on your system during Microsoft Office installation. It is quite easy to use, but if you are non-technical, it might be a bit confusing for you.

Location of Inbox Repair Tool depends on the version of Outlook you are using. The default location of the Scanpst.exe tool is: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office

Now, begin the PST repairing process. First, go the location of Inbox Repair Tool. Before you start the repairing process, close MS Outlook application and perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the above mentioned location of Scanpst.exe
  2. Double click SCANPST.EXE
  3. The window of Microsoft Inbox Repair Tool will appear

  4. 1.Click on Browse to select corrupt PST file from system Inbox Repair Tool Main Screen
  5. Select File To Scan window will pop-up. Here, select corrupt PST file and click OpenSelect File Screen
  6. Click Start to begin the scanning process
  7. After scanning the selected PST file, Scanpst.exe tool will show its errors

  8. Click Repair button to repair the scanned PST file (It might take couple of minutes)File checking screen
  9. Once repairing process is complete, Repair Complete message will appear. Click OK

Once repairing process is done, start MS Outlook and open Folder List. If the corrupt PST file has been repaired successfully, you will see a folder named Recovered Folder List in it. If it is not, it means the file has not been repaired. You can try running the Scanpst.exe tool again and again but if it still fails to repair, it means the file is severely corrupted.

Scanpst.exe tool ( recovers data from corrupt PST file and saves it in a new PST file at the stated location. However, the Inbox Repair Tool is effective with minor PST corruptions only. In case of severe PST corruption, the tool fails to recover data. Itis also possible that Scanpst.exe does not show any error or corruption issue in the selected PST file but when you try to open the same file in MS Outlook, it fails to open it. It means that the PST file is severely corrupted.

How to create a PST file in MS Outlook?

You can create a new PST file by yourself. All you need to do is open MS Outlook and perform the easy steps given below:

Benefits of PST file

There are certain benefits of using PST file beyond storing Outlook mailbox data. Here are some of them:

How to recover corrupted Outlook PST File? Steve Fan . 13th Aug 2014 . 1 Reply
How to deal with Outlook Error 0x80042108? Jenny Slate . 5th Aug 2014 . 2 Reply

That may be a reason. but you do not need to worry about it. This is the most common error faced by Outlook users. This error will arise in various situations such as: while launching Outlook, sending and receiving emails, storing data on PST file etc. To overcome this type of problem first of all you can try free inbuilt utility provided by outlook Inbox Repair Tool. If it is unable to solve their problem then you can try RecoveryFix for Outlook. It is a third party and reliable Outlook email recovery tool. It will definitely help you to solve your problem.

Alen Phillip . 5th Sep 2014
My Outlook PST file is not recovered by Scanpst.exe Scott Olsen . 4th Aug 2014 . 1 Reply

Some time it will happen Scanpst.exe (Inbox Repair Tool) is unable to recover your corrupted PST file. No problem you can try any other third party PST recovery software to recover your all corrupted data. As per my personal experience you can try Recoveryfix for Outlook. It is an cost effective and easy to use email recovery software. After completion of recovery process it will allow you to save your data anywhere.

Travis Tritt . 4th Aug 2014

To make Archive your old Email files follow the given steps below -


  • Select File from the menu in Outlook.
  • Click Add....
  • Choose the desired format. it is safe to highlight Office Outlook Personal Folders File (.pst).
  • Click OK
  • Enter the desired file name.
  • Just make sure the resulting PST files' sizes are somewhere around 1-2 GB
  • Click OK.
  • Type the archive PST file's desired name under Name
  • Again, it makes sense to name your archive after its contents (a year's worth of mail in my case).
  • Optionally, protect access with a password.
  • Click OK


Irvin Simon . 1st Aug 2014

Some time it will happen when Outlook PST file corrupted due to file has exceeded 2GB size. No problem you can easily recover your PST file by using RecoveryFix for Outlook. It will recover your all Outlook database and you can save your recovered data at your desired location. The only restriction is that you need at least 2 GB free hard disk space (to make a copy of the .pst file).

Kaven Paul . 3rd Sep 2014
How to recover a inaccessible Outlook PST file ? Camer Boon . 29th Jul 2014 . 2 Reply

Your PST file may be inaccessible due to various reasons such as malfunctioning of window system, virus attacks, accidental deletion of outlook mailbox and hard disk corruption. But no problem you can overcome this issue by using Inbox Repair tool or SCANPST.exe. But if you are still unable to recover your inaccessible Outlook PST file then you can try other third party PST recovery tool as mention above .

Travis Tritt . 5th Aug 2014
My Outlook PST file is corrupted John Pedrick . 28th Jul 2014 . 2 Reply

To recover corrupted Outlook PST file is very simple. There are numerous third part Email recovery softwares are available such as RecoveryFix for Outlook. It is a well programed and easy to use email recovery software. It will recover your all Outlook Email data such as Mail box, calendar, appointments, tasks, deleted or missing email messages, etc. You can save your recovered data in PST, MSG and EML format.

Mark Cuban . 28th Jul 2014

Yes you can try RecoveryFix for Outlook software to recover your deleted emails and other items such as drafts, calendars, contacts, journal, tasks, notes etc. After recovery you can save your all items at a desired location. This software will also help you to recover your corrupted or inaccessible PST file easily.

Collins Armstrong . 25th Jul 2014
How to deal with error 0x80040116 of pst file? Fernando Lores . 2nd Jul 2014 . 2 Reply

The main reason behind .pst corruption is when you upgrade your Outlook to its highest version. I faced the similar problem and found that my .pst files were damaged and unable to access them. I used Inbox Repair Tool but it was not helpful for me. I was recommended to use Kernel for Outlook PST repair  software to repair and recover my .pst files and with the help of that software I was able to recover and restore a new healthy data.


Donald Green . 3rd Jun 2015