How to avoid PST corruption?

How to avoid PST corruption? Alix Meridian . 29th Mar 2017 . 2 Reply

My PST files repeatedly get corrupted. How can I avoid this from happening?

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Although, precaution is better than cure, the same rule even applies on the effective management of PST file. In order to avoid the PST corruption, some of the key tricks that you can opt are as follow:

  • Save PST file in hard Drive. You must understand the fact that PST files are ideally meant to be saved on hard drives and so it is ideally recommended to save them there only.
  • Also, it is advised to exit MS Outlook properly only when all the running operations are accomplished effectively.
  • Always ensure to maintain your system endangered with updated anti-virus software. In fact, the best approach you can opt is to protect your system with the tool that has definitions for all up-to-date viruses and capable of performing a detail scanning of the downloaded emails and files.
Jeffery Jeffery . 4th May 2017

PST files are often prone to corruption, here are a few ways to help avoid your PST files from getting corrupted.

  1. Avoid large size PST formation, files above 2 GB of size are prone to corruption.
  2. Do not operate large number of emails at a time
  3. Avoid saving PST files on network drive or server
  4. Do not shut Outlook while working
  5. Create backup of your PST files regularly
Jeffery Jeffery . 6th Apr 2017
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